July 16, 2009

James 1:2&3

Oh France

July 13, 2009

I was so sad to leave Africa. It was hard leaving all the new and wonderful friends i had made. (Glen, Natalie, and Lauren if you are reading this i love and miss you guys already and you will be in my prayers!!) Africa was just such a refreshing and renewing time for me. The Lord is really just rocking me about how big the world is and all the different people and callings that people have. that became very evident today as we landed in France. After a long layover in Dubia we finally arrived today in Nice, France. It is different than i remeber but i think that could have to do with the rose colored glasses i wore before this trip. This place is so beautiful but so painful to be in. These people are just so lost and looking for happiness in all the wrong places…. it reminds me of another place i hold dear to my heart…. We were talking to the James, the man who is building the church up over here, and he was telling us how hard it is to even keep a steady congregation because people just really don’t care that much. It is really sad to see. So, while we are here, please just pray for the local missionaries that are here. They may not me in harsh physical conditions like India but man are they suffering in a spiritual battle. It is going to be intresting to see what God does in the next 10 days. Also, pray for me and guidance on what I am suppose to do with the vision God gave me ( and another one of my teammates) on this trip about India. Last, pray for all of my teamates Sage, Kara, Chris, Sarah, and me, on this ending stretch we are all getting pretty homesick and missing our friends and family a lot. However, i know God called us to this ENTIRE trip so we can’t stop pouring out now! I love and miss all of you so very much 🙂

It’s the song of the redeemed risin from the African plains…

July 9, 2009

Hi lovely friends!! I miss all of you soooo much ( i have been a little home sick since i left India)! Anyway, i haven’t had a chance to post ince we have been here. the internet has a really weak connection and takes a few hours to just type and post this haha. But a lot has gone on since Saturday. We arrived safely in Kampala and took a nice 4 hour treck to Mbale were we have spent the last 5 days! It is so beautiful here and nothing like i expected and definately the EXACT opposite of India! It is green, the temperature is wonderful, the accomidations are great, and it is actually cool outside!! I didn’t expect such a large population of Christian’s and so many Christian schools, churches and Godly establishments! It is so wonderful and encouraging to see! We went to church on sunday and it was the so incredible to dance around and clap and sing to the top of lungs to our heavenly Father. I love to hear people sing and pray in other languages. It reminds me of how great and big our God is!! Monday through Friday we have been working at the children’s home and painting our little bottoms off! I thas been so funn 🙂 Everyone is just enjoying each other companies and getting over sickness. Kara has had pink eye, Chris, Sarah, and Sage had a stomach thing, and me oh well i just got a case of scabies from India! (No big deal, everyone has medicine and is healing. Don’t worry mom!) Anyway, I am still learning a lot about our God and how incredible big He is and how He truely is our ultimate provider and how He is in COMPLETE control of my life and yours!! Don’t forget that and don’t forget how much i love and miss each of you! You guys leaving me comments me the world to me!  Our flight for France leaves Sunday and we will arrive on Monday! Keep us in your prayers!!!!

Jesus is the Winner Man

July 2, 2009

So, we are in Agra and just went and saw the Taj Mahal. It looks like it did last time. haha But leaving the kids yesterday was so hard. I can’t tell you the pian that i felt and the joy that they have gievn me. Those kids have taught me more than anyone could ever. I have learned to never lack in joy and to pray without ceasing. I mean really to pray. These kids pray 3 times a day 5:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. but they never stop in the middle. Everything is just a constant pray. They said they would pray for me to get to come back soon ( which God i hope you answer that when with a yes!), they prayed for us to raise enough money for to take them to the waterpark (which we did and they had soooo much fun), and they pray for water and food on a daily basis. These kids are just amazing that allow God to be there ULITMATE PROVIDER and it is such a blessing to see. There water tanker has been rusted out so everyday the older boys would get on a tractor and take bottles to the local well and fill them up and that is the water that they would have for that day. Well, they continued to pray for water while we were there and sure enough the last day, Sam Sir was able to get the a new water tanker. I have just never been in  a place were the Lord meeting needs was so “in my face”. I mean the Lord meets my needs everday but this is just in such a tangible way and these kids and staff just grasp that and holdon to it because it is really all they have to hold on to. I just love these kids so much and i loe the staff and there hearts for this plan to build a new India through there kids, they really see this plan and want so desperately for it to become a reality. It was so humbling to be in the presence of people my age and older taking responsibilty for the widows and the orphans and God comands us. It makes me feel like my excuse that I am to young or only one person is such a selfish thought because the Lord can use the youth and an individual to change the world. It is not my plan, it is His.

Vipin and Vicram are two of the men that work at  the orphange. They are 22 and 23. Both of them grew up in the Emmanuel Orphanage. To see them step and become two of India’s finest is just an incredible thing to see. These men love the Lord and love the kids and are going to change India. Cooky (that is not really her name but we couldn’t prenounce it) she is there and cooks for the children. Her and her husband and their 3 year old son live in a bedroom there at the orphange. She has such a beautiful heart and spirit. Every time she sits down or stands up she says “Praise the Lord”. Then there is Ahama. Ahama is like the loving strict mother for all the orphans. She is widowed but man does she love the Lord and those kids.

 I am so blessed to have seen and experience all the things i did while i lived these peoples life for only a week. Probably the biggest lesson I learned was not to build God into your life but to build your life around God. It is easy to say you do but if you think about it. it really isn’t. There are always those things, those little “insignficant” parts of our lives that we leave God out of and he hates it. He loves us so much yet we try to leave Him out of things?? It is something I am just working on in my own life and wanted to share with all of you. I also wanted to share the desire that the Lord has gievn me. That my heart is truel here. I will return back her one day, long term. As for the details, I am still praying on those and i ask for your help but I know the feelings I have felt and the things I have experinced have lead me to that very hard reality for me to face. So, please allow me to be part of your daily prayers. Pray for direction, understanding, and wisdom.

Sorry everything was a little scattered i haven’t slept much. haha I love you and miss you guys so much. I am getting a little home sick but I am super excited to see what the Lord has planned for Africa!!!

110 and counting!!

June 27, 2009

India is so wonderful 🙂 i love these kids so incredibly much and even though it is 110 degrees and counting they are just so happy. We have been playing games with them every morning. We get up at about 5:30 pray, then we eat, and then we have a big competition between the yellow team (aka the best team), red team, blue team, and purple team. The kids love it!!! After that they have chores and we sit around inside because it gets to hott to play outside. They eat at about 1:00 and then we have prayer again at 2:00, they have chores and we play until 6:30 which is evening prayer. That is when we do skits and fun songs. The most beautiful noise that i had almost forgot, those kids screaming at the top of their lungs to the God that saved them even though they are dirty and hott and thirsty, they have more joy then any of us could ever dream about having. It has been so humbling being here. Me and my team memebers sleep in a room with a fan, it is so incredibly hott that we just sweat all night long. It is so rough but then i think abotu the kids i nthe room next to me that are squeezed 3 in a bed and have no fan and my heart just breaks for them and for my own selfish feelings. I pray for each one of our team members to never forget the harsh conditions and for it to teach us and i pray for each of you that you are blessed and do not have to ever live (long term) in such conditions but that you keep in mind the things we have in America aer not privelages thy are blessings. I miss each on of you and your encouragement helps so much! i love you and iwll hopefully post again soon!!!

Mother India!

June 24, 2009

We are here!!! After spending the night in the Mumbia airport we are finally in New Dehlie. Man, i really missed this place and I feel so loved as the people that i met over a year ago came running up to me and told me they missed me. I love theses people and momentarily i had forgotten how much. The little girl you see in my blog photo ( at the top) her name is Sonam and she is still her and she remembered me!! It was one of the best feelings i have ever had! Over the next 9 days I will need some serious prayer. Not ony is it incredibly hot with no aircon and no shower but i need you to to pray for wisdom and my heart. ( i will explain more later) Your wonderful comments mean so much to me you have no idea! I know this is short and sweet but i am in an internet cafe paying for my minutes haha. So, i miss you all very much and again thank you for all of the loving thoughts and prayers.


P.S.  We are trying to take the kids to the local waterpark and to pizza hut for a fun day out and we don’t have it in our budget but we know God will provide! If you would like to help out go to globaljourney.org and use paypal at preface it as a donation to the waterpark. I know you all have done so much already so do not feel like you have to. You guys are AWESOME and don’t forget GOD IS GOOD!!!

The Last of Hong Kong!

June 23, 2009

This time in Hong Kong has taught me so much. God has been revealing so many different things. I have been reading about His faithful servants (Abraham, David, and Mary mostly). I wrote in my first blog about the serious feeling of inadequacy that i had. Haha that is just so funny to me now because the Lord is teaching me that this has absolutely nothing to do with me. That He will get things done with our without me but as His child He has called me to be His servant and to step aside and let Him work through me. I am really beginning to understand the truth behind behind “dying to ourselves.” I am so privelaged and honored to be used in the way that God is using me. Today was a successful day carrying the Bibles into China and i thank the Lord for blinded eyes and open doors.  Sooo, our flight leaves tonight for INDIA!!! I am so excited, i can’t wait to go back!  Thanks everyone so much for your comments. It is so encouraging to see and I feel very loved 🙂 I miss each of you, Keep praying and I will write soon!!

More of Hong Kong!

June 21, 2009

Sooooo, life is great here in Hong Kong! Our run on friday went so well. God has been so faithful! Saturday was our “day off” haha. We took some of the kids to the local pool, ong kong pools, a little different but a lot of fun! Later on we hiked up to a waterfall. Wow, talk about God’s spelendor. It was so beautiful. Some went swimming but I kinda squirmed off on my own and climbed on the rocks. I found one imparticular, as i sat there staring at my team and the beautiful scenary God provided for us, I just felt God there. It was so good just to “Be Still and know that He was God.” We trecked back down the mountain and went and so an aweseom light show (hahaha). Today, we went to church in Hong Kong and it was really cool. There was an american pastor and we just got in some good “fellowship with other Christians” time. Tommorrow and tuesday we will be making our runs again so just keep us in your prayers! I will updat once more before we leave on tuesday to go to India! You guys are aweseom and i couldn’t be here without you!!! Miss you and love you!!

God is Good :)

June 17, 2009

Today was a crazy  awesome day! We successsfully got Bibles into China!!! I know God is going to use those to get His word out to all of China! The team and I are doing great. We are bonding and learning so much about each other and our spiritual girfts! Our “flat” has 3 bedrooms and a cute little living room! The Lord has  been so good and we have aircon AND hot water! So, we are being spoiled a little but I think it will come around when we are living in our tents in India showering in buckets! haha I know this for sure, even though it is only our second day on our sixty day adventure God is good. He is here, He is working, and we are His vessels! I am learning so much about  myself and about how blessed beyond compaare me and my family are. I have a Bible to read whenever i want and I live in a country were me and my family can go to church and worship freely. Thank you God for blessing me tangibly and intangibly. I love you amd miss you all so very much! Keep us in your prayers!!

Training Days!

June 13, 2009

So, i have finally met my team and i love them. They are an aweseome group of girls and of course, Chris. haha We are all very much a like. Everyone is taller than me and we all wear the same size show- first time in my life either of those have happened and it’s wonderful!! We have been in New Braunfals, Texas since Thursday evening and we have just been fellowshipping and learning a lot about eachother and a lot about the places we are going! I am so ready to get out of here. The more we talk about it the more excited i get 🙂 I can’t wait to go back to India and see my babies again. God is already working and showing His glory!!! Our flight leaves at  7 a.m. on Monday so everyone keep praying! Missing ya’ll already!